Thursday, April 3, 2014

Doll House - Part 5, siding

When I posted last time I was telling you how hard it was to tighten the screws for my hinges.  Well,  when I started working on them again I broke out the drill and drilled holes this time.  It was much easier.  Not sure why I didn't think of that before.  
Here are the hinges on the bay window side of the house.

What a blast this has been . . . I am now putting my clapboard siding on the front of my doll house. 
Because the pieces come in lengths of about 27" x 4".  Each piece has to be measured for its fit.  I ended up taping the long piece to the front then marking it on the back.  The markings included the window and door holes.

This is what it looked like from the back of each piece of clapboard.  It was pretty easy to cut using an Xacto knife.  My metal ruler with cork on the back helped to get nice straight cuts.

Once I measured and cut, 
I glued and taped until each piece was dry.  
I may put a couple of tacs in each piece, 
but I'm not sure yet.

He is a sideways pic of the second story porch with the facia close to the top. 
(The top of the house is on the left.  See the attic sides?)

I continued to install the siding.  I really enjoyed this part.

Next I installed/glued the facia and bay window floors in place.  

Here is what it looks like from the front so far.

another view

There were a few problems in the bay window area.  It turns out the the half scale house bay window walls are different from the 1' scale.  The instructions indicated to put the openings for the windows at the edge of the floors.  The walls were to reach the bottom of the house and the bottom side of the facia. Well, that was not going to happen because the pieces were not long enough to reach that distance.  

But after I installed the porch stairs I realized that if the walls went all the way to the ground as the instructions said.  My little people, who will be living here, would have to squeeze through the space between the bay walls and stairs.  That would not be good.  So I am glad that they are short.

Here is another pic of the front.  I love it.  

Until we meet again.  Have a great day!
~Judy =^..^=


Friday, March 28, 2014

Doll House - Part 4, shell con't

My friends have been asking about my doll house progress.  . .  I have been moving along building my doll house.  Sorry, just have not had a lot of time to get the blog done.  
Here is what has been happening in the studio.
I have decided to add a second staircase from the 2nd floor to the attic.  
I love staircases. Here is the opening drawn in.  

I had to hand cut with an Xacto it because
 the jigsaw would not fit the space with the attic sides attached.  
Next time I will cut the hole first, then add the attic sides.

It's a little rough on the edges but 
they will be covered over.
(My next house is going to be a 1' scale so I can have a spiral staircase.)

I installed my room dividers.  I am planning to leave the very large room on the bottom floor.  The second floor might have another divider.  I can't seem to decide.  So it will have to wait for now.  

The work from this point on was pretty straight forward.
I built the porch foundation using 
the glue, tape and tac method.

In this pic you can see the porch with the floor attached and then I installed the hinges for the left front.  This turned out trickier than I thought it would be.  My hand hurt so bad from cutting the staircase opening that I couldn't turn the hinge screws tight enough.  I'll work on that again another day.

Here is the porch attached and the porch roof.

I made the porch stairs.  Easy peesy.

This is the foundation for the house.  Here is a challenge that I didn't expect.  The instructions said to make sure the foundation and house are "square."  Well, who would have ever guessed that my counter top is warped.  Therefore I had to rely on tools and guess work to make it "square."  I think it is pretty close.  I will find out when I add the chairs and chandeliers.  If they all are tilted we will know it's not quite right.  :)

These are facia and second floor porch items.

The porch piece installed in the porch roof.

I can't believe how relaxing making this doll house is.

I hope you get to do something you enjoy today.
Talk to you again soon,
~Judy =^..^=

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lots of festivities for us this weekend.  
I wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day and may the leprechaun of good fortune
shower many gold coins your way.

~Judy =^..^=