Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do you make resolutions or goals?

While we were eating dinner on January 1st of the New Year, my son asked me if I had made a resolution for 2013.  Well, after contemplating if I should share or not, I decided that he should hear my plans for the year.  I thought by teaching him that I think about these things, maybe it would encourage him to think about it too.  So I began to rattle off a list of resolutions I wanted to accomplish each month in 2013. 

I told him how many kitties I plan to make, how many paintings I intend to complete and the patterns I want to create.  (This of course is in addition to art that is already on my schedule.)

My husband then decided to join in the discussion by telling me that what I just mentioned were not resolutions but goals.  Interesting, because I thought they were one in the same.  (Which I of course, boldly stated to him.)  He then began to explain.

He tells us, resolution means to decide to NOT do something.  He gave us some examples; give up eating between meals, give up road rage episodes, talk on the cell phone less, getting ready for school on time (?), etc. 

He then stated that goals are things you are going TO do.   (I didn’t argue with him because this was not something that warranted an argument . . . . besides he was wrong.)

He also stated that resolutions are not meant to be fulfilled.  (I thought that was an interesting addition.)

But then I got a shock,  . . . He says, “Goals will be fulfilled.” 

WOW!  I just got an awesome compliment.  He actually believes that I will be able to accomplish the list that I rattled off!  I was speechless. 

I’m not sure if I just taught my son the intended lesson or not.  But in any case I had my husband’s support to continue my art and strive for the new goals I had set. 

So my question to you is; are your resolutions or goals?  In any case, I hope you are able to fulfill your dreams.

~Judy =^..^=

“Where there is love, there are always miracles.’  ~Willa Cather